Ryan  started his Crossfit journey is 2013. He received his level 1 Crossfit certification in  2015, Personal Training certification in 2019 and his level 2 Crossfit certification  in 2020.

Lawrence is certified in boxing instruction, personal training, group exercise and self defense. He has over 14 years of strength and conditioning and sports specific training.

He was a USA amateur boxing coach. He earned the Amateur boxing title golden gloves in 2000-2001 and the diamond gloves in 2001-2002. Lawrence was a New Jersey state Championship in 2004 and earned the silver medal in Lake Placid eastern regional tournament.

Sarah is ACSM certified and Nutrition certified. She has a B.S. in exercise physiology and a minor in communications.

Sarah has experience in high intensity interval training. She participated in an internship at a health and rehab facility, where she worked with trainers, physical therapists, aqua therapists and occupational therapists.